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Outstanding Service

Jun 02, 2013 by Neil Sheehan

Wow,what service!!! We had a bee problem late on a Friday. Went on line and found AAA and called. Tom Martin answered and guided me through pictures on the site to ID problem. He advised it was a swarm and explained what would happen and said there was no need to respond. Got up early next day and they were still there but a short time later they were gone. Tom call back to check on progress. He was most helpful and shared his knowledge.All of this was done for free. There is no question if I need their services I know it would be outstanding and would recommend them to anyone

Best Advice on Bees

May 02, 2013 by Lee

Tom Martin's Free, Accurate and Honest Advice saved me and the bees from unnecessary poisons and expense. The phenomenon of bee migration in the Phoenix should be known to all. Don't Panic. Call AAA Bee Removal.

bee invasion

Dec 31, 2012 by Kim Van Londen

I called AAA Africanized Bee Removal Specialists when I arrived home from work. We had a steady stream of bees going into the attic space in a small opening by the bird boards. Rick explained what they do to remove the bees and why they are so diligent about removing the bees and their scent. He was very knowlegable and took his time explaining what they would be doing when they come to the house. Steve came the next morning. It was clear to me that he knew exactly what he was doing. He explained each step in the process. We had a large colony of bees, 18000-25000 was the estimated number. Well, that sounds like a lot to me! The honeycomb had to be removed also. The process took most of the day and Steve was able to rearrange his schedule so he could complete the job in one day. He also gave us a bunch of information and help with how to seal the rest of the house to prevent future bee invasions. I was very pleased with their work. I would recommend them to family and friends.

Done Right The First Time

Dec 24, 2012 by Jerry Page

I spoke with Rick on my initial call to AAA Bee Removal. He explained in detail the potential problem with my Bee infestation. I was impressed with the clarity of his communication and the potential cost of elimination of the bees. He detailed every step that would be necessary to complete the job.
Within the hour of my call to Rick, Jim the specialist arrived. Jim further explained what was necessary and how he would eliminate the bees. He was on time, friendly, and knowledgeable about the intricacy of bees and their behavior. He began work withing 10 min. of his arrival at my home.
It was necessary to come the next day to finish the job as the bees had a huge honeycomb under my porch roof. This became a detailed and labor extensive job. I was aware of this possibility in my initial conversation with Rick. Knowing what to expect and how to solve the problem was key in my full recommendation for their work.
The paperwork needed was thorough and detailed as needed.
AAA Bee Removal, Rick and Jim were professional from the start. This is rare these days. Simply, they did exactly what they said they would do in a timely and efficient manner. Thanks to AAA I have no more bee problem.
I highly recommend them.
You need Bee Removal, they do it right the first time!!

Wasp Removal

Dec 14, 2012 by Robert Banning

Wasps were landing and drinking out of my pool for months. I then discovered my neighbors has wasp nests. I looked at my property and discovered I also had nests. AAA responded quickly, inspected my property, found nests and removed same. They sprayed to prevent wasps returning. Problem solved. They cleaned up the area, explained about wasps and were gone quickly. I would recommend their services.

African Bee Removal

Dec 14, 2012 by William Walden

We were very pleased with the quick and efficient service we received when we found out that some African Bees had nested in our water meter box. It was a Sunday and we called several other companies but none responded except AAA. The technician was very prompt and performed the extraction quickly. Would always call AAA first for any problems.

Very Profesional

Dec 13, 2012 by Jim Edwards

I called AAA Bee Removal after discovering a ball of bees in the tree just outside my door, and after researching the subject on-line. My research found that there was a difference between general exterminators and places that concentrate on bee removal (and bee keeping). I'd had an exterminator do a bee removal a few years ago, and while that went OK, it was definitely a "blast 'em with poison" operation. When the technician from AAA Bee removal arrived (Scott??) he was very professional, and explained in detail what they were going to do and why. It was very educational, and I learned why the "blast 'em with poison" approach had a high risk of repeat infestation. Scott explained the process the bee's were going through (it was the way a group of bees split off from one hive to go make another home), and that most likely the bees would disperse in a day or two, but given its location near our door, and the proximity to the house in general, he recommended eliminating the colony for safety reasons. He got out his tools and working very methodically, he stunned the bees which caused them to fall off the tree branch, and then killed them in what appeared to be a humane manner. He then treated the tree with an agent that was intended to eliminate the pheromones from the bees. There were no bees left when he was finished, and I haven't seen any bees since. All in all, I thought this was a very professional solution to my problem. I'd recommend AAA Bee Removal to others who have a similar bee problem.

They Do Wasps Too!

Dec 11, 2012 by Garry C

After suffering an allergic reaction to a wasp sting I wanted a non-toxic, environmentally safe solution to an aggressive wasp problem. The technician arrived on-time, the next morning, and spent nearly two hours fixing my problem. They gave me sound advice over the phone, quality performance on the job, and real peace of mind. My two-year old grandson now has his Grandpa's backyard to play in.

Great Service

Dec 11, 2012 by Jerie C.

We used AAA Bee Removal twice, about three years ago and last month. They are timely, efficient, courteous and professional. The bees are gone and we would certainly call them if more bees show up. They will also educate you about bees and what to do to avoid them. We highly recommend their service.

Jerie C.

Highly Recommend

Dec 11, 2012 by Mike C.

Tom and his crew of beekeeper professionals are a great company to deal with and I highly recommend their services. I recently had a new AC system installed at my house and the AC tech needed to run new lines from my attic out to my new condensor, which was moved to a new location. Unfortunately, the AC tech did not seal the hole properly around the new lines, and he left a 3/4" gap around the pipes, which was more than enough room for honey bees to enter into my attic, which is exactly what I encountered 72 hrs after the installation. Due to the proximity of the hole being 35' high and just underneath my roof line, and the volume of bees that I could see, I knew that I needed help. After doing some research online, it was clear that AAA was exactly the type of company I needed, so I gave them a call. This all happened on a Saturday around noon, so I was a bit worried that it would take a while before I could get someone out to my house to assess the situation. It was quite the opposite, and I was pleasantly surprised when their beekeeper showed up a hour later. Talk about quick response - theses guys are "ON IT"! The beekeeper (NOT exterminator - I know their is a HUGE difference now) was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and told me exactly what needed to be done to solve the problem, which he did, in about an hour. He took the time to explain that it is not as simple as spraying some bee killer and everything would be OK. He actually went up into the attic and surveyed the site thoroughly, and determined that I had caught the problem early enough that the bees had not yet started building them honeycomb - THANK GOODNESS!! He blew in some smoke to "calm them down" and then very carefully treated the area with some chemical & what I describe as "magic dust" to ensure that they would not enter again - which they would have since they will come back fro up to 72hrs later...a fact that I can attest to as I saw them still hovering around the area (which by now I had sealed properly) a few days later. This was quite an education for me. He also went so far as to walk me around the entire perimeter of my home so he could point out small cracks or openings where the bees could potentially enter again. Did you know that they can enter a house thru an opening as small as an eraser head?? I didn't..but I DO NOW, and I spent a hour the next day sealing everything up with some caulking. Trust me, that $5 investment in the caulking and a little of my time was a small price to pay for piece of mind. I have had ZERO issues since and I am happy to report my home is 100% bee free...Thanks to AAA - These guys ROCK!!!

Amazing Company

Dec 11, 2012 by Marci M

Amazing, HONEST company. These guys know what they're talking about and are very honest. We had bees hanging in our tree in front of our yard and Rick explained that they were just resting the queen bee, that they would fly off in a day or two. NO CHARGE for the advice. These folks know about bees. Rick also explained many things about bees that was very interesting. I suspect. that any person who wrote a very bad review is from a competitor who is trying to discredit them, as my experience with both Rick and Tom was that they were both very helpful, courteous and nice. If we ever find bees getting into our home, AAA Bee Removal will be the ONLY company we call. (yes, the swarm of bees has already left our tree). Oh yeah, I am not associated in any way with this company . . . .just as a very happy customer


AAA Bee Removal rescued my home

Dec 05, 2012 by Mary Cochran

If you have unwanted bees, you need to call AAA Bee Removal. Unfortunately, my home seems to have become the residence of choice of super large colonies of bees three times. However, I was lucky enough to find AAA Bee Removal to rescue my home. They were fantastic each time. Within a few hours of my call a technician was at my home assessing the situation. They informed me of what needed to be done and with my permission they quickly rid the area of the bees, removed and disposed of the comb, repaired any damage caused by the removal of the comb and completely cleaned the area.
While nobody wants bees harassing your home, if they do come buzzing, you can do no better than get the speedy, competent technicians of AAA Bee Removal on the job.

A Very Honest Company-I Highly Recommend Them

Dec 05, 2012 by Stephanie R.

I came home from work to find a swarm of bees in a bush in my back yard. I was worried and I got my phone book out and I called aaa beeremoval. They told me to look at their website and read the article about save your money before you have your bees removed. The article was about transent bees. Who stop to rest in veggetation. That was exactly what happened. They saved me hundreds of dollars. Thank you Tom

These guys really know what they are doing!

Dec 05, 2012 by Lorretta V.

I had bees on the back of my house for about a month. I called my usual pest guy out to take care of them. He sprayed where they were 3 different times with no luck. He recommended AAA Africanized Bee Removal. I called and talked to the employee, who was very knowledgeable. Their tech showed up and went over everything very well with me. He went out and worked for quite a while. I haven't had bees since. I hope this never happens to me again, but if it does, I'll certainly call them first.

Awesome Bee Service for our Queen Creek Bee Problem

Dec 05, 2012 by Patty

When we discovered a swarm of bees on our patio in Queen Creek, we were hoping they would leave. When they didn't, we called AAA Bee Removal to ask what to do about them. The technician arrived promptly and was very experienced and knowledgeable. He worked efficiently and carefully on our property, taking care to not only remove the bees, but the big mess, too. Although it was pricey, the service and protection was worth it. This company uses an enzyme that neutralizes bee pheromones to reduce the likelihood of another swarm settling in. We would highly recommend AAA Bee Removal to others.

Expert Bee Service

Dec 05, 2012 by User 61

I did'nt know who to call. It's Sunday. I keep my horse at a stable near Harrison & Golflinks & bees started attacking several horses without any provocation. The beehive was under a nearby mobile home & become angry for no reason. We called AAA Bee Removal & spoke to a real beekeeper who really knew what he was talking about. They sent a real bee removal expert & he knew exactly what to do. Shortly after he got started a 2nd specialist from AAA Bee Removal arrived & then a few minutes later a 3rd worker arrived on the scene. Each of the bee specialists was in a well stocked truck, with special tools & equipment. While they were working, another patron of the stables said that he had Orkin come to his house for a bee problem and he was very dissatisfied. Orkin had to come back 3 times & still did not remove the honecomb. AAA Bee Removal not only calmed & killed the bees, but they also performed a thorough honeycomb removal. Well done AAA Bee Removal, they are well worth the money.

My pest control company did not do the job right and recommended AAA Bee Removal

Dec 05, 2012 by Donny J. Ahuero

Every time I went out in my back yard, I was attacked by bees. I called my regular pest control service and they came out multiple times, got attacked too, but could never find anything. They finally referred me to AAA Bee Removal. I called and talked to a real beekeeper with many years of experience in beekeeping and bee research. He took a great deal of time with me helping me understand my bee problem and even showed me their website - which is great! - and walked me through their procedures. I ordered the service and I'm glad I did. Steve, an experienced beekeeper himself, came out promptly. He performed a thorough property inspection and even got up on the roof, which nobody else did. He found a colony in a crevice in an old California Pepper tree that was covered with dense foliage. He took care of the colony and when he was done, there wasn't a bee left in the air. He even took the extra time to walk me around my property to show me areas he found that required sealing or repair to prevent future infestations. Excellent professional service; true specialists; great job guys!

Highly recommend this company

Nov 16, 2012 by Todd Matthews

I called AAA Bee Removal last April as I had a glob of bees suddenly appear up under my roof overhang. I spoke to Rick and he explained that I had a new colony that would quickly go into my attic space, right where the bees were hanging. I wanted to wait as another company told me the bees would move on. Rick explained that would only happen if the glob of bees were on a tree. Rick referred me to their website for more in-depth info and unfortunately I did not have them come out because the bees disappeared and left, or so I thought.
Then last week 7 months later, my neighbor and his dogs got severely stung and the bees were coming right out of my roof were last April, I thought that they had left! I called AAA Bee Removal again and spoke to Rick again and this time I had them come out. They sent Steve who explained the beehive and honeycomb process further and after his calming the bee colony and using a bee smoker, he drilled numerous little holes into my eave and used a botanical pressurized gas and exterminated the bees. He got stung several times as well, right through his protective suit!
He estimated that I had over 15 gallons of honeycomb in my roof cavity and some had already melted down causing structural damage. They had a neat price key to figure the cost of them cutting in and accessing the honey and cleaning it all out and treating the cavity and doing the structural repairs.
I had already decided to have AAA Bee Removal do the honeycomb removal job. Then, while they were getting started, they suggested I me call my insurance company as some of the better insurance companies cover honeycomb meltdown damage. So I did and my insurance company told me to get it done before it got worse and they would use the photos AAA took of their work. Tom in AAA\'s office even wrote a letter to help me get reimbursed by my homeowners insurance company.
It took Steve and another man 2 days to do all of the work. They took photos from the very start to the finish. They had to take some of the roof tiles off the roof, and they did all of the repairs and the finished job looks great.
Even though I was going to have AAA do the entire job, it was very reassuring to get reimbursed for all of what I paid over my deductible. I know from talking to the other Bee Removal Companies, this special attention to detail and the overall job would not have been the anywhere near the quality and professionalism as AAA Bee Removal did.
All of the people I dealt with at AAA bee Removal knew exactly what they were doing and they are truly the bee experts! They do not do any other type of pest control and really knew from the beginning that I had a new colony. I wish I would have had them come out that first day, and I would not have had any honeycomb to get removed. Rick explained all about the pheromones the bees urinate on the outside and inside of the structure so I will likely have another colony again. I will definitely use AAA Bee Removal and recommend them to anyone else.
Don\'t wait, \"it is what you don\'t see that is the real problem\".

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