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AAA Africanized Bee Removal Specialists, Inc fully licensed to perform bee control, wasp control and pest control service in Phoenix, Tucson and surrounding Arizona cities. Each certified bee removal specialist is individually licensed in addition to being a professionally trained AZ beekeeper in beekeeping and honeycomb removal.

we are the oldest beekeeping company that specializes in bee removal, bee control and bee swarm removal in Arizona and our experience shows it.

Arizona Bee Removal

Bee removal is a highly specialized profession unlike general pest control. Removal of a bee colony or bee swarm or beehive requires a thorough understanding of honey bee behaviors and honey bee biology not commonly found in the pest control industry. Bees are not your average home pest, they occupy a structural cavity in large numbers, they defend their site aggressively, they build honeycomb which causes tremendous structural damage and they apply bee pheromones that will attract other bee colonies to or nearby that site in the future.

A real bee removal specialist company understands the unique nature of honeybees, how to handle them safely during a bee removal and how to address the bee damage to a home or building structure that a bee colony causes. Improperly performed bee removals are the main cause of future bee infestations in any building structure.

Arizona African Bee Control

Africanized bees or African killer bees arrived in Arizona in 1993 and overcame any bee control methods applied in Mexico to try to stop them. They have since spread throughout the State of Arizona from border to border. Since 1993, African bees have displaced our native domestic European honeybee population.

African bees are much more aggressive and defensive than other bee species and have been the cause of many serious injuries and deaths to people, livestock and pets in Arizona. Because of their preference for occupying structural cavities and their threat as a real public health hazard, African bee colonies are always exterminated using proper bee control and bee extermination practices.

It is unwise and potentially very dangerous to allow a bee colony to develop anywhere near people, livestock or pet areas. Commercial Arizona beekeepers, like we are, will exterminate the bees rather than try to save the African bees because of these tendencies, but also because of their inferior honey production as compared to European honeybees. Commercial beekeepers continually practice African bee control throughout Arizona.

Arizona Wasp Removal

Wasp removal, like bee removal, also requires special handling and experience. Unlike European honey bees or African honeybees, wasps retain their stingers and may sting multiple times if disturbed or provoked. Also like honey bees a wasp removal specialist must have an understanding of Arizona wasp behavior, wasp biology, and professional experience and know how to handle them safely.

Also like honey bees, wasps will build nests and deposit wasp pheromones that need to be addressed in any successful wasp removal. Societal wasps, wasps that live in groups, can particularly be very dangerous and aggressive and will require wasp removal.

Arizona Aggressive Wasp Control and Hornet Control

Aggressive wasp control and hornet control particularly require training and experience in proper wasp extermination techniques. These societal wasps live in groups of related wasps and can develop large numbers. Arizona wasp species like Paper Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornets aggressively defend their nesting sites and should not be allowed to develop wasp nests around people, livestock or pet areas.

Paper Wasp nests in a structural cavity may also cause structural damage because of their gnawing behaviors in wood materials in a home or building. Wasp nests in these areas should be exterminated using proper specialized wasp control procedures. Also, particularly with regard to Paper Wasps, wasp control methods should take into account the fact that these wasps will attempt to return to the site of a previous infestation. Any proper wasp control strategy must consider removing or eliminating the wasp pheromone at the extermination site.

Arizona Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb removal is an art developed by professional beekeepers. Once a bee colony is damaged or exterminated, honeycomb will immediately begin to melt down causing structural damage and in many cases structural failure of building materials without a proper honeycomb removal. Dripping honey will spread throughout other structural cavities, saturate materials, and ferment and spread bee pheromone content with it. In addition, fermenting honey and dead bee brood will attract other undesirable pests and vermin to the area.

Very few pest control companies, or proclaimed bee removal companies – who are really pest control companies, know how to handle a proper honeycomb removal, much less how to address the bee pheromone damage.

Homes and buildings that have not had a proper honeycomb removal, including removing the Nasanov pheromone scent (bee tracking scent) are extremely vulnerable to future honey bee infestations.

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AAA Africanized Bee Removal Specialists, Inc fully licensed to perform bee control, wasp control and pest control service in Phoenix, Tucson and surrounding Arizona cities. Each certified bee removal specialist is individually licensed by the Office of Pest Management, Arizona Dept. of Agriculture, in addition to being a professionally trained AZ beekeeper in beekeeping, honeycomb removal, bee removal, African bee control, wasp removal and aggressive wasp and hornet control. We are beekeepers and real professional bee removal, honeycomb removal and wasp control and hornet control specialists.

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