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Bee Removal and Honeycomb Removal Services in Arizona – Caution!

Posted On Nov 07, 2013

As bee removal and honeycomb removal specialists, we are often called after another bee removal company or pest control company has failed to properly take care of a residential or commercial honeycomb removal. Many pest control companies won’t perform honeycomb removals because of the labor and time to do it. Many of our bee removal competitors will only do, what we call a” Rip and Tear.” That means they will only remove the visible honeycomb for a low price. That price may or may not include repairs. Let me give you photographic evidence of some of the jobs we have taken under these circumstances.

AAABeeRemoval_Caution1 AAABeeRemoval_Caution2 AAABeeRemoval_Caution3 AAABeeRemoval_Caution4
  1. First Picture – Upper Left Side:  Look at the bee brood left to rot in the structural cavity.
  2. Second Picture –Upper Right Side: This is a perfect example of a “Rip and Tear.” Look at the damage visible. You get what you pay for!
  3. Third Picture – Bottom Left Side:  An example of honey laden cells – left without removal, it will melt down and attract other bees until you suffer re-infestation, and you will.
  4. Fourth Picture – Bottom Right Side: Imagine this dripping down your interior wall.

On top of this, many of our competitor’s don’t know how to treat the Nasonov pheromone the bees use to track the site. It does not go away by itself and, unless removed, will alert a passing swarm that this was a former bee site and ready for re-occupation.